Monday, May 27, 2013

Experiments in Dictation

I am always looking for new and interesting ways with which to my work. Currently I am attempting to work with dictation. Even this blog post is dictated. I don't know how I will like it but I am always in need of new experiences to augment my writing process. It is slow going at first; you have to do a great deal of training, calibrating, and correction just to get anything done. But I do believe that eventually with enough patience, speed and accuracy can be increased enough to increase the volume of work.

So far I have had a good deal of success in getting words out accurately and clearly, but the hardest thing has certainly been dictating punctuation. Getting used to saying allowed things like period, comma, and exclamation point are difficult to say the least.

I am excited to try this out on some of the more free thought experiments. Things like new paragraphs that spring to mind, ideas that aren't fully fleshed out, or dialogue between characters in a scene I have yet to write.

Only the future will tell what's this technology will add or if it's just a passing fad, but I'm enjoying at this current moment, but it must be noted that my cat is certainly pleased with this new technology as it were these my hands free to scratch him while I am writing.

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