Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fighting for Truth, Justice, and... American Immigration Reform?


We all know him, some people love him, others hate him.

For most, he is an unbreakable force of nature from another world here to save us from whatever disaster or villain happens to appear. (This in turn leads to another problem, but we can address that later.)

What many do not consider, is that the Caped Crusader is not from America, nor this world. Yet he chooses to stand by the common man and fight for 'Truth, Justice, and the American Way.'

Why is this, do you think?

I would say that it is often immigrants, aliens, and peoples from outside who take to heart what was once on everyone's lips. 'The American Dream'.

Here we have the example of an alien (from outer space no less) adopting a value set that was not his own, and taking it to heart so much that it is the focus of his life. How many people born here do you know that do the same? I can't say there are many that I know. I myself am just as guilty as anyone for taking the opportunities we in this country have for granted.

This is not to say that all immigrants do this. To say so would be foolish. Just as foolish as me saying all Americans take for granted what they have. But, it is a prevailing attitude, one that has cost us respect in the world at large. One that has caused a corrosive veneer to form on the once shining name of this country and her people.

I have seen news articles from many sources (CNN, Fox, AP, ect) discussing how some people feel that immigrants, both legal and illegal are 'stealing jobs from American workers'. But, I pose to you this question, how can someone coming to this country and calling it home and getting a job like any other good citizen be stealing? This sense of entitlement is insane. You are not entitled to a job just because you were born here.

Fortune favors the bold. The American Dream allows for us to make our own way here. To work for what we believe in. It would be sad to watch it die as people profess to believe in special interest and snivel about how they deserve a job because of some birthright. Should we return to the dark ages? Should America fall into the hands of noble houses?

Stand up I say, and grab your life by the reins as so many who took the initiative to found this country, to push it into being a superpower in both industry and technology, and continue to try and work their way through life.

Let these people come here if they want to be just like us. I see no reason not to.

Hell, maybe one of them is a Superman in hiding, waiting in the wings to stop the decline of America at the hands of her sons and daughters.

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