Monday, November 24, 2008


I would first of like to congratulate SpaceX on the successful mission length testing of Falcon 9.
You can read about it here, and I encourage you to watch the video. It is awesome, like most fireballs, but this one just happens to be a fireball of PROGRESS!

In other news, these crazy biologists just can't stop impressing me with how much evolutionary theory can push us forward, not only as people, but as a species.

I can understand why this kind of thing can scare people some people, but any trepidation I have personally is overridden by the excitement at the future these kinds of advancements offer.

Last week we had the first successful transplant of a body part formed entirely from stem cells, and already someone else is waiting for the same procedure.

THIS is what the future is based on, and something that the US needs desperately to bring back into focus. It is my fondest wish to see the Obama administration undo a lot of the damage of the last twenty some odd years, especially the Three Mile Island disaster of the Bush administration's science policies.

Speak up people, and let the leaders you elect know you are ready to move on, and boldly step into the uncertain future holding the reins of knowledge.

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