Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This could be interesting.

George R.R. Martin is an interesting writer. I haven't read as much of his work as I would like to have (or should have), but what I have has impressed me and hung around in the back of my head.
Now it seems that HBO has bought a pilot based on his work called 'Thrones'.

I don't usually keep up with television, a bit of House, Battlestar, and Burn Notice with a sprinkling of Heroes will usually be enough as long as it isn't too often, but Kristin decided that I had to watch their series True Blood.

It is interesting, to say the least. The acting is campy without being awkward, and the story is... well it is slow. The production quality is top notch though, and I will most definitely be looking forward to see that applied to the works of Mr. Martin.

So, here is hoping we get something interesting and watchable out of the deal.

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